The Circle

Saint Yves d'Alveydre's Archeometre
shows the original Atlantean alphabet
"translates into the material
the word, form, color, smell, sound and taste,
the key to all religions and the sciences of antiquity"




The Archeometre is one of the most famous models, to deduce esoteric wisdom, letters, numbers, symbols within the structures of a circle.

According to the evolutionary new Or-Om-Science the deduction of all finite specifications and qualities in the universe has to begin with the Absoute and Infinite Essence. This Essence can f.e. be explained in the spheres of finiteness by the infinite line: all deductions have to begin with the infinite and descend to more and more finite units. The point in the middle if the circle is not able to represent the Absolute Infinite Essence; so this symbol should become obsolete. The contents of all finite specifications and qualitites in all universes, demonstrated in the symbol of the circle till now are not obsolte, but they have to be integrated in new contexts.

We have to create new alphabets according to the order of the infinities symbollically condensed within the infinite line.